Rabbits live in sprawling warrens, each usually centered around a ruling family. What they lack in individual toughness, rabbits make up in numbers, and family loyalty. Rabbits consider Hares family, and welcome them into their warrens on the occasion they pass by, but are rather wary of them.

Rabbits tend to be prone to gossip, artisans and farmers rather than warriors, but a warren can pull together quickly in times of trouble, and most rabbits have some training in combat. Rabbits often share their warrens with a Badger or two, who take over the running of the warren in times of combat.

Standard of Living: most warrens have a healthy trade relationship with each other, and outside Clans. Rabbits are considered a Prosperous culture.

Ability Score Increase: your Wisdom and Dexterity increase by one, and you may increase any additional ability by one.

Proficiencies: Perception, Riddle

Size: Rabbits are considered Medium size.

Speed: your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Special Ability: Leap. A Rabbit character may make a leap of up to 30ft, either straight up in the air, or safely out of combat without incurring an attack of opportunity. Rabbits may also forgo attacks for up to three turns in exchange for a +5 bonus to AC. Rechange with a long rest.


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