Convivial, fiercely loyal, usually live in family groups, although an otter can form a new attachment to an adventuring company – or mercenary band. Otters have a fierce temper, and are quick to grow angry – but just as quick to forgive and forget. Most popular waterways have a family of Otters running a business nearby, be it a ferry, toll bridge, waterside tavern or small fishing community.

Favoured careers: Most Otters are well-trained in fighting and defending their family groups. Warden comes naturally to them as a career, although more curious and adventurous Otters can become Treasure Hunters. Scholars are rare, but not unheard of.

Standard Of Living:  Otters are keen traders, and usually regarded as honest and trustworthy. Prosperous.

Bonus Equipment: A fur-lined travelling cloak, travelling gear for the current season, a bedroll, a backpack, 5d6 silver pennies, and choose any two: a fishing rod and line, a set of playing cards (marked or unmarked – your choice), a gaming set, a supposed “dragon bone” fished out of a waterway, a random item from any other culture’s list of bonus equipment. 


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