Hares are Rabbits' more mystical (and some say unhinged) cousins. Hares live in small family groups, or even follow a solitary existence. Larger than rabbits, their laid-back demeanour hides the fact they can be fearsome warriors, though most lack the single-mindedness to make this a full-time career. Hares are more reluctant than Rabbits to take up full-time positions in mixed cities however, and prefer an itinerant lifestyle. It’s hard to pin down what most Hares actually do. One will be a travelling actor for some years, then suddenly become a mercenary warrior, another will act as a loyal servant to a noble, then leave the House for an obscure academic position at a university. Some see Hares as shiftless – others believe there to be a method to their madness.

Favoured careers: Wanderers, Wardens, Treasure Hunters. There have been excellent Hare Scholars, but their research tends to be erratic and unpredictable.

Ability Score Increase:  Increase Charisma by two, any other attribute by one.

Proficiencies: Riddle, Deception

Standard of Living: Hares are travellers, with little interest in material possession, counting as a Frugal culture.

Size: Hares count as Medium animals.

Speed: 30ft

Special Ability: Leap.


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