Nomadic tribes, usually traversing the Realm in small family caravan groups, although many foxes like to travel alone (usually keeping in discreet contact with their Clan).

Foxes are often merchants, entertainers, rogues, thieves, spies, bandits and occasionally mercenaries. They tend to be mistrusted by common folk.

Ability Score Increase:  Increase Charisma and Dexterity by one, any other attribute by one.

Proficiencies: Perception, Sleight of Hand

Standard of Living: although Foxes are careful not to make too many overt displays of wealth, their culture is a Prosperous one.

Size: Foxes count as Medium animals.

Speed: 30ft

Special Ability: Trick. If a Fox player can come up with a convincing explanation, they can swap an opponent's advantage dice for a disadvantage, taking the advantage for themselves. Long rest to recharge.


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