One of the older races, now receding a little from the world, although some of the younger Clans have struck deals with the Wolves to keep in power.

Bears have many mystical abilities, most famous being their ability to heal from almost any wound after a period of hibernation. They are strongly linked with the Dreamworld.

Ability Score Increase: Bears add two to Strength, one to Wisdom.

Proficiencies: Lore, Medicine

Standard of Living: Bears live simply in small family groups, moving slowly across the land following mystical signs few other animals can sense. They rank as a Frugal culture.

Size: Bears count as Large animals.

Speed: 30ft

Special Ability: Slumber. Bears can take an extended sleep, twice the length of a usual long sleep and get advantage on a 10+ save versus any condition such as Poisoned. If they eat well before Slumbering, they also restore all hit points.


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