Other races are often wary of Badgers, who can be seen as surly and hostile to outsiders. Badgers are loyal to a fault, however, and will always defend those they consider friends

Many Badgers live alone in family sets, although some live alongside (but always slightly apart from) Rabbits and other communities, often in sets far older than the warrens that have grown up around them, helping defend those communities in times of danger. Badgers are clannish and secretly crave the companionship of other animals, although they'd never admit it. Badgers who have been shunned by their communities, or fallen upon hard times are often found among the ranks of bandits and looters.

Ability Score Increase: Badgers are tough creatures, and although they speak few words, they are possessed of great common sense, if sometimes rather brusque. Increase Constitution by two, Wisdom by one.

Proficiencies: History, Intimidation

Standard of Living: Badgers are long-lived creatures who carefully pass belongings down from generation, although they are rarely wealthy. Badgers count as a Martial culture.

Size: Badgers count as Medium animals.

Speed: 30ft

Special Ability: Holdfast. When a Badger has made up their mind, they're very difficult to shift. Badger characters can take a free action to root themselves in a position, mental or physical, and receive  Advantage against any attempt to move them, physically or mentally, until they choose to move themselves.



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