toxic paralysing bite

Secretive creatures who rarely emerge from their underground set-fortresses. Moles are at home in the darkness and are obsessed with uncovering secrets, be those ancient long-forgotten temples abandoned by the smoothskins, or forgotten manuscripts. Moles are generally disliked by other Beasts, and regarded as sinister, but generally trusted to keep their word.

Moles are rarely found near water (they have a great fear of drowning), but otherwise can pop up in the most unexpected places. Supposedly, all mole communities are linked by a series of tunnels that span the entire Kingslands.

Favoured careers: Moles are mostly Scholars and Treasure Hunters. Few have experienced Molish Warrriors, but they do exist, and are often outfitted with powerful and ancient artefacts to protect the set-fortresses.

Standard Of Living: Prosperous.


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